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Give customers the choice on how and when they want to connect, increase sales, leads and service quality. Widening your reach across multiple channels makes a fundamental difference.


Use your favorite agent app and/or bot frameworkControl the conversation pipeline at any point by bringing your own plugins (BYOP).


Analysis and report trends using interaction dynamics. Feed your ‘machine-learning’ models. Improve customer satisfaction. Optimize operational and business efficiencies.


Buy vs Build

More and more companies are seeing the benefits in outsourcing key services to external service providers. This frees up businesses to focus more on their core competencies, rather than worry about the inherent complexities of omnichannel integration.

Accelerate time-to-market

The Omnichannel market is hot and more and more companies are taking notice. Getting ahead of your competitors or at least keeping pace, can be a major deal-breaking as customers demand more from your services. Let Hubster get you there faster.

Increase efficiency

Streamlining your internal process is challenging at best. The more you outsource non-core competency, the more you increase internal efficiencies. Let Hubster be part of that equation and let your team focus about what matters most.

Lower on-going internal investment

Worry about the changing field of omnichannel integrations can be extremely costly. Integrating with an external service provider like Hubster, can greatly reduce your on-going internal

The Hubster Anatomy

Most unified messaging platforms are closed for external extensibility. At Hubster, we believe in an Open-ended Platform enabling businesses to customize the message pipeline by injecting their own integrations (BYOI) at any injuction point. Furthermore, businesses can extend agent/bot commands and configure their own implementation.


Bring your own

Integration (BYOI)

If you have an integration that Hubster does not currently support or it’s unique to your business, you can easily add it to the mix using our direct API. There are no limits on how many customer, agent, bot or CRM integrations you can add.

Pipeline plugins (BYOP)

Businesses can control the message pipeline by injecting their own custom plugins. You can enrich messages, alter or even control the follow where messages will be directed.

Datastore (BYOD)

Some businesses prefer not to store sensitive customer and business interactions. At Hubster, rather than storing interactions in our databases, you have the option for us to push this data to your backend and let you control how it’s stored.

Key (BYOK)

If customer data is sensitive and security is a must, you can bring you own key to encrypt the data from point of entry. This concept provides you peace of mind that data is never stored in the clear.



Webhooks provides your system the ability to receive message interactions based on filters of interest. You can setup as many webhooks you deem necessary on per hub basis.


Out-of-the-box, Hubster has a fixed set commands. However, we don’t stop there. You can add and configure your business specific commands, allowing to control and shape a set of responses. Commands are a powerful feature enabling you to extend our framework, allowing agents or bots to response beyond just simple text messages.

Conversation history

All conversation interactions are stored and is easily accessible based on query requirements. You can close any conversation by issuing a simple command or automatically based on stale configuration settings.

Cloud security

We host all our applications and datacenters on Azure. Compliance certificates: IOS:27001, PCI DSS. All data at rest are encrypted using our internal keys or keys provided by customer (bring your own key).

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