Is your Business ready for Omnichannel?

First things first: what is Omnichannel? It's the presence of the business across any channel preferred by the customer, that promotes interaction with the business from any user's device. Omnichannel delivers consistent brand experience to the customer and ensures that each channel promotes user engagement and sales.


Why is Omnichannel becoming so big?

Omnichannel customers spend 208% more on their gifts than those who shop in-store.
* Annual Holiday Survey by Deloitte

The average U.S. adult uses 4.3 devices, 70% of respondents are smartphone users.
* Digital Experience Technology And Delivery Priorities by Forrester

Businesses with a strong omnichannel customer engagement strategy retain around 89% of their customers, whereas only 33% of customers are retained by businesses without omnichannel strategy.
* Research by Aberdeen Group


Does your business need to:


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